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Sometimes, just the costume isn't enough. Who is Wolverine without his claws? Just a grumpy guy with weird sideburns. Or a unicorn without a horn? Just a horse. Johnnie Brock's knows that the right accessories can be the difference between "Oh, man, I love your costume!" and "Uh... who are you supposed to be again?" Choose from our wide array of tights, prop weapons, hats, gloves, wings, and more to complete your look and make it undeniable who you are! Or, if you think your outfit is just missing a little something, check out our section for costume kits and find everything you need to polish off your look. Perfect accessories to complete a Gypsy, Police officer, 80's rocker or even a 1920's flapper costume. From Costume wigs to the right pair of tails and ears, whatever you need, we've got it! And don't wait for Halloween to browse our selection! Find accessories to complete your next cosplay or as a collectors item! Some of our costume accessories are also available in Plus Sizes!