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Horror & Scary Themed Weapons

Because let's face it, if Freddy came running at you without his gloves, he wouldn't be nearly as terrifying. He'd just be a guy in a jaunty sweater and a hat. Horror movies have the power to make you look at every household item with a little trepidation, but you just can't beat the classics. Axes, machetes, and a good, old kitchen knife, whether you want it freshly snatched from the drawer or already spattered with the blood of your victims, we've got a wide selection of prop weapons to choose from. Choose from classic, licensed weapons like Freddy's finger knives, Jason's machete, and more, or create your own horror movie villain with a new classic like a Bloody Clown Knife decked out in colorful ribbons. Shop Johnnie Brock's for the final piece to your Halloween costume or cosplay!

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