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Adjustable Fabric Face Mask: Mardi Gras Lips (1pk.)

Includes: Filter Pocket
Sizing: Adjustable Ear Loops
Material: Inside 100% Cotton
More info: Printed, reusable, non-medical masks

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Adult Adjustable Mardi Gras Lips Fabric COVID-19 Face Mask

It's about that time again.  All of the fun and exciting hype surrounding Mardi Gras will get even better in 2021.  Because not only will you be able to accessorize in one of our Masquerade masks, but you will also be able to wear one of our fun and festive Mardi Gras protective face coverings!  This mask is a plain black mask with lips in the colors of hot pink, green, and gold.  Great for those who wish to celebrate Mardi Gras safely 

Our masks are made out of three layers of thick cotton which also includes an inner pocket that can be used to hold a filter.  Simply slide the filter securely into place to maximize the protection (Note: This mask can be worn with or without the filter)  Mask Protects against airborne particles, pollution, and debris.  Masks are machine washable which makes it great for everyday use. Mask design  includes Adjustable elastic straps for a snug and comfortable fit!



  • Face mask features 3 layers of thick cotton fabric and adjustable ear loops loops. Also features a pocket on the inside that you can insert a filter in to.
  • This is machine washable and reusable.
  • It is recommended that you wash your mask after every use. When removing your mask, DO NOT touch the outside of the mask, remove using the ear loops and immediately put in the wash.
  • Our masks are not medically certified. They are not certified to prevent or cure any disease. Use at your own discretion.
  • Reusable, non-medical masks.
  • Adult size fits most adults ages 16 and up



1 Adjustable Covid 19 Mardi Gras Lips Face Mask Adjustable Fashion Face Mask with filter pocket



  • Shell Fabric: 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex
  • Inner Fabric: 100% Cotton


Frequently asked questions:

1.  Can these masks be washed in a washer and dryer?

Yes, our masks are made out of 100% machine washable materials.  However, It is not recommended to dry them in a dryer if the mask feels at all tight as the 100% inner cotton layer may slightly shrink in the dryer.

2.  Are Covid 19 Masks required in public?

Although it is always recommended to wear a face mask in public the regulations vary based on cities, states, and counties.  We recommend that you seek this information from local government.


For More Information, please visit the CDC Website

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