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Kids' Athena


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Kids' Athena Costume

Cast spells on mortals and start wars up on Mount Olympus with your beauty this Halloween with this adorable Kids' Athena Costume from Fun World! Whether you're the goddess of love, war, wisdom, or the Underworld, this costume is a super fun and pretty take on the goddesses that lives on Mount Olympus! This costume comes with the beautiful white gown that fades into a lovely pink, and the golden leaf headband! Perfect for a Halloween party or a History Day at school! This costume is Child Sized. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And it's all Greek to me! This Halloween and for your next costume party, check out these awesome historical Grecian and Roman style costumes! From Roman gladiators to Julius Caesar himself, all sorts of Amazonian warriors and even the Gods and Goddesses coming down from Olympus themselves to enjoy some Halloween fun!  These costumes are also great for a good, old fashioned Toga party with friends! 

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