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Candy Bowl Holder: The Child

Mini Candy Bowl Holder: The Child

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The Mandalorian "The Child" Candy Bowl Holder

You've seen him on The Mandalorian, and if you haven't you've definitely seen the memes. And if you still don't know who this adorable guy is, you must be living in some kind of sand pit on Jakku. He's "The Child" on The Mandalorian, but the world over, he's Baby Yoda, the adorable, innocent, green baby that somehow grew up to become the wise, powerful Jedi Master who trained Luke Skywalker! And now, he's the most precious candy holder ever! Whether you want to leave him out to greet trick-or-treaters or keep him by your side for when you're craving some sweets, this "The Child" Candy Bowl Holder is a perfect Halloween accessory for Star Wars fans! This candy bowl holder looks just like Baby Yoda holding his little cup, with the removable candy bowl sitting beneath! 

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