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Deluxe Harry Potter Light Up Wand

Deluxe Harry Potter Light-Up Wand

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Deluxe Harry Potter Light-Up Wand

No need to go through Diagon Alley down to Ollivander's this Halloween, because Johnnie Brock's is bringing the magic of Harry Potter straight to you with these awesome replica wands from the beloved book series! They say the wizard doesn’t choose the wand, the wand chooses the wizard. Which wand will choose you?

The Boy Who Lived was chosen by an 11", Holly wand with a phoenix feather core, an extremely rare core seen similarly in the very wizard bent on killing him. Harry is a fearless and kind Gryffindor who takes on the tremendous burden of saving the Wizarding World from the man who killed his family. The wand is a long, light wood wand with a silver handle. This wand has a little extra magic with a light up tip to show when the magic is really happening! Grab this wand today if you're ready to join in on the Wizarding war! 

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