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Adult Harry Potter Costumes

You're a wizard, Harry! Dive into the pages or onto the silver screen of this generation's most beloved book series, Harry Potter! Stage your own Wizarding War with costumes, wigs, and accessories for all of your favorite characters, or travel back in time with Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Whether you're Harry, Hermione, Ron, or even Voldemort, you're sure to have a fun time with these costumes. Johnnie Brock's also has a huge selection of Harry Potter merch, including scarves, hats, and robes repping your favorite Hogwarts house, and detailed replicas of the magic wands used by your favorite witches and wizards! Go out as your favorite character or gather all of your friends for a Tri-Wizard Beer Pong Tournament of your very own with all four houses! These adult costumes have Men's, Women's, and Plus Size options and can be anywhere from classic book looks to a sexy twist on your favorites! You don't have to go to Diagon Alley to find all things Harry Potter this Halloween!

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Adult Newt Scamander Coat

S/M & L/XL
Adult Deluxe Newt Scamander Costume for Men (Fantastic Beasts)

Medium (38-40), XL (42-46), XXL (50-52)
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