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Evil Snowman Yeti Makeup Tutorial

Evil Snowman Yeti SFX Makeup Tutorial

Once Halloween ends, you might think that you're safe from the creepy crawlies and monsters waiting to jump out until next October, but you'd be wrong! Once the snow starts to fall and the world starts to freeze over, creatures with icy hearts are bound to start creeping out looking for a snack! Check out this terrifying Evil Snowman Yeti Special Effects Makeup Tutorial from Mehron, created by makeup artist Angie Davis (@goldiestarling) using all products you can get right here at Johnnie Brock's! Create this bone-chilling, vicious snowman monster and freak out your friends this winter!


Check out this tutorial and let your creativity flow!

Products you'll need to create this Snowman Yeti look:

SkinPrep Pro (optional)

Bald Cap (optional) 

Liquid Latex

Colorless Translucent Powder

White Cream Paint

Paradise Makeup AQ 

Mehron Bruise ProColor Ring or Dark Blue/Black Paint

Blood Splatter

Charcoal Character Powder or Black Powder

Stipple Sponge

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Liquid Latex is a multi-purpose liquid rubber, often called “slip rubber”. Create 3-D appliances in a slush mold, seal modeling wax or apply to skin for aging, blisters and wounds. Fair flesh-tone dries nearly transparent.
Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ™ is the world-famous, premium quality face and body painting makeup that is workable and highly pigmented for any type of project.
Professionals rely on Clown White’s supple texture and bright white finish. Highly pigmented formula covers instantly and blends smoothly for long-wear. Set with Super White Powder to enhance whiteness and spray with Final Seal for added durability.
This professional quality, full size Bald Cap is made from natural latex for a perfect fit. These caps are used by makeup artists worldwide for stage and screen performances.

One size fits most. Bald Cap is good for one time application, not reusable.
This cult favorite provides a matte finish and a poreless complexion with no flashback. Sets fully translucent
Apply for dirt. Smear on and spritz with water or Glycerin for muddy, splatter effects.
Mehron's ProColoRing™ in Bruise contains all the colors you need to create realistic-looking bruises from fresh to slowly healing over.
Skin Prep Pro is a clear, fragrance-free liquid that's a perfect pre-makeup skin prep for all skin types and makeup applications.
Showingof 8 item(s)