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Santa Claus Makeup Tutorial

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Jingle Bells! When the most wonderful time of the year rolls around, you can bring on all of the magic of that jolly ol' Saint Nick, all from your home and with the help of Johnnie Brock's and Mehron! This step-by-step instructional video will show you how to nail that Santa makeup look, capturing rosy cheeks and all! If you're looking to go all the way, check out Johnnie Brock's selection of wigs and beards or even spirit gum to attach the beard yourself! Hopefully, Santa will leave some Spirit Gum Remover in your stocking for being such a good kid. Grab a plate of cookies, shimmy down the chimney, and get ready to be the most fun at the Holiday party this year!



How to Create a Santa Claus Makeup Look This Christmas Using Mehron's Stage Makeup


Step 1: 

StarBlend Cake Makeup is a high-performance, full-coverage formula that was developed to withstand the utmost in extreme conditions. The colors are available from light neutrals all the way up to bold hues for those who prefer eye-popping color on their faces! Work this magic by moistening your sponge or foam applicator and squeezing out any excess water before loading it with Star Blend cake makeup. A good way to get a natural look is by choosing the color closest to your skin tone. Apply all over with even pressure, including on your eyelids and along your hairline if needed for an accurate finish. To finish it off, blend along edges of beard where there's been no coverage so it looks seamless throughout!


Step 2:


Once the base of your face is blended in and ready to go, it’s time to create that look of the cold weather and wind hitting your face. This means bringing out rosy cheeks and a cherry-like nose that is sure to show off all your hard work during the cold winter night. Before we begin, make sure you have selected a hue that will compliment your skin tone. Then, using the cheek powder and an applicator makeup brush, tap it into the powder and make sure to knock off any excess. Apply it to the highlight areas of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose. Then blend! 


Special note: If you notice your face is too red, then go ahead and take your applicator sponge and apply a little more of the base foundation over it to help make your face look less frostbitten.


Step 3: 


After you have your face the correct color you’re looking for, it’s time to put on the finishing touches. Hold the barrier spray a few inches from your face and then spritz all over the makeup-covered area. This will help keep your makeup intact and off of your Santa suit and hat. 


That’s it! Now you’re ready to be the talk of your Christmas Party. With the perfect look locked down all you need now is to find the right Santa suit and wig! Learn more about our other Santa wear and decor to complete the best look possible.


Make-up required to create this look:

StarBlend™ Cake Makeup

Powder Blush - Dark Tech

Barrier Spray

Check out our Santa Costumes Here!



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StarBlend™ Cake Makeup is a highly pigmented pressed powder formula that is perfect for fashion, stage, screen or cosplay!
Thirty-eight shades from natural to bold, plus two neutral Contours, offer micro-fine pigmentation for soft, blendable highlights and contouring.
A mattifying liquid spray that sets makeup designs for long-wear and helps protect from perspiration, heat, and smudging.
Prisma Brushes are perfect for depositing paint and pigments cleanly, smoothly, and evenly. Available in three sizes for all your needs!
Prisma Brushes are perfect for depositing paint and pigments cleanly, smoothly, and evenly. Available in three sizes for all your needs!
Showingof 6 item(s)