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At Johnnie Brock's, we understand that a production is only as good as the products.  That's why we sell Mehron's professional quality Stage Makeup and Body Paints.  Paradise Paint is perfect for transforming your skin to look like a fiery demon or an ice cold White Walker.  Mehron is the best body paint on the market, and is great for both theatrical purposes and Halloween makeup.  Be sure to also check out some of their makeup palettes, Fixative A, and Stage Blood. This makeup is beginner friendly and easy-to-use, but will give you professional-grade quality and durability as you send your creations out into the world!

Check out our page dedicated to makeup tutorials to get inspired or learn something new!

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12" professional grade crepe hair perfect to create hair styles, beards, sideburns, and other hair effects! Available in 10 colors!
This professional quality, full size Bald Cap is made from natural latex for a perfect fit. These caps are used by makeup artists worldwide for stage and screen performances.

One size fits most. Bald Cap is good for one time application, not reusable.
Mix with water-based and creme paints to create a long-wear, water-resistant, highly-pigmented paint for your most bold and daring projects yet!
Cream Blend™ Stick is a highly-pigmented, refined cream stick makeup that is perfect for long wear with no smudging!
AdGem™ is a latex-free silicone-based adhesive safe for all types of body decoration. Great for glitters, jewels, eyelashes and more!
Available in a large pro size 1.4 oz (40 g) container, creates beautiful silver and gold metallic paint effects.
Thinner-consistency blood developed especially for splatter effects.

Available in a convenient, easy to use 1 fl oz (30 ml) spray bottle
Extra Flesh is a versatile wax compound mixed with fibrous material that can be reused many times. Create realistic looking warts, scars, etc. without use of adhesives.
Colors included: Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow. Paint brush is included.
Mehron's world-famous Paradise AQ™ face and body paints in a convenient 30 color palette so you can create any color you need.
Contains eight, high-pigment, high-intensity metallic shades to add dimension and shimmer to your body painting, cosplay, or theatrical looks.
Eight highly-pigmented, water-based paint shades perfect for mixing and blending for your theatrical makeup, fashion, body painting, or cosplay project!
Mehron Lipsticks are available in two rich, creamy, highly-pigmented shades that are perfect for day-to-day looks as well as theatrical and cosplay looks!
Create a high-impact liquid metal paint to amp up whatever your look is with Mehron's world-renowned Mixing Liquid their high pigment Metallic Powder.
Mehron Tri-Color Palettes are perfect for creating iconic characters and realistic looking effects with just a few colors. Detailed instructions included in the package!
Prisma Brushes are perfect for depositing paint and pigments cleanly, smoothly, and evenly. Available in three sizes for all your needs!
Prisma Brushes are perfect for depositing paint and pigments cleanly, smoothly, and evenly. Available in three sizes for all your needs!
Mehron Tattoo Cover is a full-coverage foundation designed to cover tattoos, birthmarks, skin discolorations, and other dark marks.
StarBlend™ Cake Makeup is a highly pigmented pressed powder formula that is perfect for fashion, stage, screen or cosplay!
Mehron’s Face Kabuki Brush is an ultra-soft brush perfect for brushing on setting powder and color with extremely gentle bristles!
Mehron’s Metallic Powders are ultra-fine, high-drama powder pigments that will take any design to the next level.
Mehron's ProColoRing™ in Bruise contains all the colors you need to create realistic-looking bruises from fresh to slowly healing over.
Showingof 45 item(s)