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Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax

Now in three improved shades! Modeling wax is pliable, yet firm. Apply to alter facial features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, bullet holes and wounds. Wax colors are translucent to resemble skin. Apply Spirit Gum beneath wax for better ad

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Nose & Scar Wax:

Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax is a must-have for any aspiring or veteran makeup artist! This easy-to-use and moldable wax easily manipulates the appearance of real skin to imitate all sorts of fleshy distortions. Create a fake broken nose, a witch's chin, wounds, or even mold your own protrusions. Wax is flexible enough to mold but still firm enough to hold its shape! Wax is translucent to resemble skin and is safe for use on the face!

Set the wax on top of a thin layer of Ben Nye Spirit Gum Adhesive and seal off with Ben Nye Liquid Latex for supreme durability.



Remove prosthetic from skin and remove the Prosthetic Adhesive or Spirit Gum using Ben Nye Remove-It-All.



  • Do not use on areas of skin that will be bending or moving too much
  • Does not allow for breathability, may not be the best for use in high temperatures 
  • Smooth out the edges of the wax into the skin while sculpting to allow for a seamless application 



  • Aprox. 4-25 applications per ounce
  • Available in three colors for different skin tones (Fair, Light Brown, Brown)
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