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Ben Nye Professional Wheels

Makeup veterans and beginners alike will love these F/X color palettes to create injuries, old age makeup, zombies and more.

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These Professional FX wheels provide soft creme colors that will fit any of your needs for on the stage or screen or off! Choose from the Rainbow wheel with everything you need to mix any color under the sun, or, for more specific needs, choose the Pro Bruise palette to create realistic bruising and scarring. Pro Creme Wheels provide professionals and beginners alike with unlimited character options. Mix the Reds, purples and violets are designed in our Ultimate F/X Formula. All can be layered for intensity and thinned with alcohol to create a translucent wash. Blood shades are great to simulate various subtle injuries (fresh or healing). Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder.



Achieve a thin, translucent wash by blending color with several drops of alcohol on a brush, or use alcohol sparingly for a more opaque color payoff. For best results, take a small dollop of color out of the pan and mix separately. Set with a neutral setting powder and spray with Final Seal for long-lasting durability. 



Removes easily with makeup remover or Ben Nye Remove-It-All.



  • Expect 100-500 designs
  • 1oz wheels
  • Alcohol-activated paints
  • Wheels come in 4-6 color variations



  • RW - (CL-29), (CL-5), (CL-3), (CL-7), (CL-19), (CL-13)
  • RB - (CL-1), (CL-29), (CR-1)
  • MW - (CL-1), (P-15), (CL-15), (CL-17), (P-14), (P-16)
  • DW - (P-20), (P-18), (P-21), (P-22), (P-19), (P-17)
  • EW1 - (FX-5), (FX-7), (FX-11), (CL-18)
  • EW3 - (FX-10), (CL-14), (CL-5), (CL-2)
  • EW4 - (FX-11), (CL-14), (FX-5), (CL-18), (FX-7), (CL-5)
  • ZW - (CL-25), (FX-2), (FX-11), (FX-32), (FX-7), (FX-121)
  • MDW - (FX-35), (FX-34), (FX-12), (FX-33), (CL-19), (FX-0)
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