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70's Sideburns: Brown

70's Sideburns: Brown

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70's Sideburns - Brown

Far out, man! Transform fully into the classic Hippie man or Disco dude from the '70's with these classic mutton chip-style sideburns! They are bushy and fun, perfect for a night of doing the Hustle and vibing 70's style!

I mustache you a question. Where did you get that awesome mustache? Why, Johnnie Brock's, of course! Check out the huge selection of fun facial hair in all sorts of colors, styles, and characters! No matter what you need, you'll find the facial hair you need to complete your look at Johnnie Brock's!

For extra-long wear and durability, grab some Spirit Gum Adhesive & Remover!

Check out Johnnie Brock's huge selection of costumes, wigs, makeup, and accessories to complete this transformation from head to toe!

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