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Buccaneer Beauty Eye Patch

Buccaneer Beauty Eye Patch

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Beauty Eye Patch

ARRRRRGGH!!!! Get ready to set sail and take off to the seven seas with these awesome Beauty Eye Patch accessory from Forum Novelties! Whether you're looking to conquer the next town over or discover parts unknown, this accessory is perfect for a swashbuckling good time at their next Halloween or costume party! This accessory is the classic pirate eyepatch with a fun, feminine twist; it has red accents, a black and red bow, lace, and skull accents. The perfect final touch for any pirate Halloween costume!

There are quite a few things that make a pirate's look iconic and memorable. But, since we aren't allowed to sell parrots, check out Johnnie Brock's wide selection of costumes, hats, accessories, and weapons to complete your transformation from Average Joe to Salty Swashbuckler! Sail the high seas and journey down to Davy Jone's Locker and bring home more treasure than you could ever imagine! Bring your captain, first mate, and the rest of your crew to Johnnie Brock's and pick out the perfect costume and accessories today!

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