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Deluxe Venom Mask

Deluxe Venom Mask

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Deluxe Venom Latex Mask

An evil symbiote from outer space, Venom gains his power by taking over a human body and feasting on other humans to grow stronger. Sometimes evil, in some timelines good, always ravenous and powerful enough to control Eddie Brock in his own body. This vicious symbiote is ready to wreak some havoc and maybe steal some candy. This Deluxe Adult Venom Mask is beautifully detailed to look just like the alien creature, with wide, oddly-shaped, white eyes, a gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, and a long, curling tongue! This costume is perfect for Halloween, lovers of all things Marvel, and mask collectors!

Halloween is our favorite time of year at Johnnie Brock's! So if you love Halloween as much as we do, or even if you don't, we're here to help you have the best Halloween ever! Whatever costume, style, or character you're looking for, we have it, and with a wig and accessories to match!


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