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Forum Novelties

Moving Jaw Poodle Mask

Moving Jaw Poodle Mask

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Moving Jaw Poodle Mask

What's your favorite animal? Don't just say it, but wear it! For your next Halloween or costume party, bring out your wild side with these awesome moving jaw animal masks from Forum Novelties! They've got all types of animals like eagles, elephants, cows, zebras, lions, and more! Wear them as a Halloween costume or at a sporting event representing your favorite team!

This mask is designed to look like an adorable, fluffy Poodle! These moving jaw animal heads are the perfect wacky addition to a Halloween costume! When you move your jaw to talk, the mask's jaw moves, too! These super realistic masks look and move just like an animal! Great for your own wacky animal costume or maybe a band of bank robbers with unique disguises! The choice is yours this Halloween with these great animal masks at Johnnie Brock's!

Check out Johnnie Brock's huge selection of costumes, wigs, makeup, and accessories to complete this transformation from head to toe!

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