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Ninja Sais (2pk.)

Ninja Sais (2pk.)

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Ninja Sais

From Samurai to Ninjas, swords are an important tool to enforce justice and take revenge on your foes when they dare to cross your path! Bring justice to your clan with these awesome Ninja Sai props from Forum Novelties! The swords are the three-pronged swords with the longest blade in the middle and come in a set of two!

Slink into the shadows and get ready to strike with all sorts of ninja costumes and weapons! Ninjas are mysterious, dark, and deadly and whether you want to really disappear or you want to stand out, we've got something for you. And of course, no ninja is complete without his weapons; choose from swords, shurikens, fans, nunchucks, and more to complete your costume and make yourself an unstoppable warrior!

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