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Shoulder Guard w/ Molded Skull

Shoulder Guard w/ Molded Skull

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Shoulder Guard with Molded Skull

It takes a special kind of guy to lead and protect his kingdom, no matter what it takes. Make sure you're prepared for whatever battle comes your way with this Shoulder Guard with Molded Skull accessory from Forum Novelties! This accessory is the perfect addition to a Medieval Halloween or Renaissance Faire costume because not only does it look the part, you can show your foes that you're not someone they want to mess with! The accessory is faux-leather straps that go over the shoulders with a fake bird skull on a tuft of fur to rest on one shoulder. Check out Johnnie Brock's huge selection of accessories and prop weapons to really look the part!

There's a reason we all dreamed of being a King or Queen someday! Check out all of these awesome Royal costumes from Forum Novelties! Whether you're looking to be a King, Queen, a Princess, or a Knight in Shining Armor, Johnnie Brock's has everything you need to get into the spirit just in time for Halloween! Check out other wigs, accessories, costume pieces, and weapons to truly transform and travel back in time to the medieval days of royalty!

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