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Single Holster: Gun & Belt

Single Holster: Gun & Belt

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Single Holster Gun & Belt

The Old West was a lawless time, where anyone could do what they felt like! Luckily, the town Sheriff is ready to take on those bandits and bring peace to the small town once again. Grab this Single Holster Prop Gun from Forum Novelties and enforce the laws 'round these parts! The gun is a prop gun with a holster attached to a belt! Perfect for all sorts of Old West costumes!

Yeeeehaaaaaw, ride 'em cowboy! The Wild West was one of the wildest times in American History! Stopping bank robberies, traveling and exploring new parts of America, battling other rival cowboy gangs, and just enjoying the wide, open range, it was all part of the freedom of being a cowboy! Channel all of that and more with these awesome Cowboy and Old West costumes from Johnnie Brock's! Check out costumes, hats, accessories, and wigs to bring the Wild, Wild West right to your front door!

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