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Men's Deluxe Spider-Man Stealth Suit Costume

Men's Deluxe Spider-Man Stealth Suit Costume

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Deluxe Spider-Man Stealth Suit Costume for Men (Far From Home)

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a Spider can! Whenever there's danger or chaos rampaging throughout New York City, you can be sure that Spider-Man is never far behind! This web-slinging teen hero is always ready to leap into action and take down those bad guys, always with a witty one-liner to boot! Peter Parker took on the mantle of Spider-Man from a young age when he was bitten by a radioactive spider, and ever since then, he's made it his duty to protect his city. This awesome Men's Deluxe Spider-Man Stealth Suit costume is based on how the young hero appears in his new suit, equipped for stealth and espionage, in Spider-Man: Far From Home! This costume is a black stealth suit with the spider insignia on his chest with built-in, padded musculature and boot tops, and the classic Spider-Man fabric mask in black!

You will love dressing up as Spider Man for Halloween, so have others dress up in theme to making a great family and group costume! Check out all of our adult and kids Spiderman costumes!


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