Cinco De Mayo Decorations and Outfit Ideas That You’ll Love

Cinco De Mayo Decorations and Outfit Ideas That You’ll Love

Cinco De Mayo Decorations and Outfit Ideas That You’ll Love 

Who doesn’t love a holiday that has parades, music, costumes, festive outfits, drinking, good company, and more? On Cinco de Mayo, which translates to the fifth of May, you can expect all of those things! Cinco de Mayo originally started as a celebration of the Mexican force’s victory against the French on May 5, 1862. Since then, it has become a tradition to make Cinco de Mayo a celebration of Mexican culture on the same day each year (as the translation suggests). In many parts of the United States and Canada, Cinco de Mayo is honored by representing the Mexican colors of red, white, and green in outfits, costumes, and decorations, so expect a colorful celebration.  In addition to the colorful expressions you’ll see, parades with mariachi bands pop up all over the nation–it truly is a day to commemorate our friends and family of Mexican descent. This holiday has garnered such popularity in regards to its fun-factor that it has even been nicknamed “Cinco De Drinko” by some party-goers. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, then I don’t know what does. 


Awesome Cinco De Mayo Party Supplies

Cinco de Mayo is all about the celebration of Mexican culture, and the most enjoyable way to do so is by hosting a Cinco de Mayo party! Once you’ve decided you’ll have a party, the first course of action in preparation needs to be stocking up on Cinco de Mayo party supplies. Thankfully, Johnnie Brock’s has everything you need for your gathering. We know you’ll be drinking on May 5th whether it’ll be alcoholic or not, so obviously you’ll need a themed Cinco de Mayo cup! With this in mind, our 16 oz Fiesta Forever cups are perfect for drinks to go around. Or, for those who really take the meaning “Cinco de Drinko” to heart, we also have Cinco de Mayo Shot Glasses that are printed with a chili pepper character wearing a sombrero and holding maracas. What’s more, is that we also have an Inflatable Sombrero Cooler to keep your bottled and canned drinks cold in traditional Cinco de Mayo fashion! We even have Cinco de Mayo-themed platesbowlsnapkins, and anything else you need for a feast. 


Unbeatable Cinco de Mayo Decorations

The selection of Cinco de Mayo party supplies doesn’t end there, in fact that is just the very tip of the iceberg of what we have on offer. For instance, Johnnie Brock’s has all your Cinco de Mayo decoration needs as well! One example is to line your walls with these Cactus LED String Lights for a festive way to illuminate your home and honor the holiday. Another sweet option is the Foil Swirl Decorations that hang from the ceiling. With graphics of margaritas, cacti, and more, the foil swirl decorations pair really well with the cactus LED lights and will liven up your space perfectly for Cinco de Mayo. Last, but certainly not least for decorations, is the Fiesta Paper Fan Decor. These circular ceiling hanging decorations are truly stunning pieces to add to your Cinco de Mayo party. One order comes with six hanging pieces in assorted sizes, colors, and designs, so you can either hang them together to create a chandelier-like visual, or separate them into different areas of your home. The choice is completely up to you, but we know they will look great with your other decorations whatever you decide. 


Cinco De Mayo Outfits To Wear This Year

The absolute best way to celebrate the holiday while expressing yourself is by wearing a Cinco de Mayo costume or outfit. Not only is dressing up a sign that you love the festivities, but it’s also fun at the same time. At Johnnie Brock’s, we have a massive selection of full costumes, but not only that, we also have an insane amount of single-piece inventory for you to get creative with and make your own outfit look exactly how you want it to. To guide you in the right direction, I’m going to suggest some of my favorites, and hopefully you will either like my suggestions, or that I will inspire an idea for your own Cinco de Mayo outfit! First up on my list of favorite Cinco de Mayo costumes is one that margarita lovers will really appreciate, and it’s none other than a Margarita Shirt. You can decide between the “salt”, “lime”, or “tequila” versions of the margarita shirt. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of margaritas will undoubtedly smile when seeing this Cinco de Mayo outfit! 


My next suggestion will make sure every member of the family is as festive as the next. Don’t leave your pet out of the celebration, we have a Mexican Serape Pet Costume that will have your pet dressed for the occasion! In fact, this costume includes two major symbols of Cinco de Mayo, a sombrero and a poncho. It’s the perfect choice for your furry family member. 

For my last suggestion, I had to include something for the little ones. This Kids’ Mexican Poncho Costume is the option for the kids who just don’t want to be left out of dressing up for Cinco de Mayo. Now, they don’t have to be! Ponchos are a classic staple in traditional Mexican wardrobes, which is why this is a great choice when celebrating Cinco de Mayo.


To Wrap Up

Put simply, Johnnie Brock’s has the best costumes, outfits, decorations, and party supplies available for any holiday or occasion. Cinco de Mayo is no different, anything you need for your Cinco de Mayo celebration is on offer at Johnnie Brock’s– it’s all waiting there to be discovered by you. So, take a minute and browse what we have to offer to make the most out of your Cinco de Mayo party. 

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