How To Celebrate Easter With The Best Easter Costumes

How To Celebrate Easter With The Best Easter Costumes

When you hear the word Easter, you likely think of some notable things. Maybe a cute white bunny, a gathering with family, feasting on homemade food, painting colorful eggs, chocolate, and the classic Easter egg scavenger hunt. Those are all great aspects to the celebration of Easter that make it so fun, but that’s not all there is to it. 


What Is Easter?

Easter is a joyful religious holiday that many people know about and celebrate regardless of their faith. As a matter of fact, many people probably aren’t aware of exactly what Easter is in the first place. In short, Easter is a Christian holiday that is celebrated to signify the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death. 


The first recorded celebration of Easter dates back to the 2nd century, so it’s safe to say that it is a long lasting tradition that isn’t going away anytime soon! Although the festivities may seem random to some, Easter is observed as a way to celebrate the defeat of death, as well as the hope for salvation. With this, there are many symbols and characters that have become synonymous with Easter traditions. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best way to celebrate Easter with an amazing Easter costume and party ideas. 


Easter Party Ideas



If you are wondering what to do on Easter, then look no further. Every holiday calls for celebration, and Easter is no different. Naturally, the best way to celebrate Easter is by having an Easter party! You might be wondering what an Easter party entails, and well, you’re in the right place for that too. First, you’ll need to invite your friends and family to join. Then, it’s time to start thinking of how to decorate your home with Easter party decorations. That’s where we come into play, because Johnnie Brock’s has awesome Easter decorations! Take for example our Easter themed utensils and napkins which come in bright pinkkiwi green, and caribbean blue. With these, your guests will be enjoying their holiday feast and dessert with the heart of Easter colors represented as they eat. Also, you can’t go wrong with adding Easter themed streamers to the ambiance, and we thankfully have different colors and styles to choose from. Decorative streamers add flare to any space, making it feel like a celebration is supposed to be happening (as they should). 


Painting Easter Eggs

An Easter party isn’t complete without some fun activities to do! Painting eggshells and hiding plastic eggs for a scavenger hunt are some classic Easter Sunday activities. Extremely popular among children, painting eggs allows kids to express themselves artistically and is always a great time. Additionally, painting eggs is a perfect way to bond with the children in your family. Or, if you are wanting to add some new competition to the festivities, you can always opt for an egg painting competition! You can make the winning prize whatever you want, but a chocolate Easter bunny will be a solid choice. All you’ll need is a case of eggs, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes– then you’re set for egg painting! 


An Easter Egg Hunt

Last, but certainly not least on the Easter party itinerary, is an Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts are arguably the most fun and memorable part of Easter celebrations. I still have vivid memories of being a kid and searching the backyard for hidden plastic eggs with my family, then lighting up in happiness when I opened the egg to find a sweet surprise in the form of chocolate (and sometimes money!). If you want to knock it out of the park this Easter Sunday, then an Easter egg hunt should certainly be included in your plans. 


Wear A Bunny Costume: The Best Easter Outfit



In order to fully tie together an Easter party, you’ll need an Easter bunny costume. Notably, children love the Easter bunny, so imagine how excited they will be to see the Easter bunny in the flesh! At Johnnie Brock’s, we have just the costume for the family occasion with our Adult Deluxe Plush Bunny Mascot. With this new Easter bunny costume for adults, you can play the role of the Easter bunny and provide a day full of smiles and memories for the kids. There’s no doubt that everyone will get a kick out of seeing a full bunny suit this Easter Sunday, so grab your bunny outfit and be the life of the party! Better yet, you can include the children in the Easter Sunday dress up as well. The Dress Up Bunny Ears Headband is a cute and festive way to represent the Easter spirit while also being simple to put on and take off without effort, which makes this a solid option for kids. On a similar note, the Easter Headband With Bow and Egg is equally as simple, yet charming, making it another great choice for you or your kids’ Easter outfit. 


Celebrate Easter The Best Way

Easter is a special holiday, so it deserves a special celebration. There are many ways to make this Easter Sunday a memorable one. We’ve outlined a few ideas, and we’ll be here for you when it comes time to prepare for your upcoming Easter party. Whether you’re looking for a full Easter bunny costume for adults, something a bit more simple like bunny ears, or Easter decorations to tie your home all together, you can always count on Johnnie Brock’s to provide you with everything you need for any party!

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