How to Host the Perfect Mardi Gras Party

How to Host the Perfect Mardi Gras Party

How to Host the Perfect Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras season is a great time to get friends and family together for celebration. What better way to do that than to host a Mardi Gras party? A Mardi Gras party is a bit more special than a typical party–you can (and are almost expected to) follow a theme, dress up in costumes, embrace the many decorations and accessories, wear festive makeup, or anything else that comes to mind. The possibilities are truly endless, but I’m going to narrow down your scope with some rock-solid Mardi Gras party ideas that will be a blast for everyone in attendance. Let’s do this! 


Decorate and Accessorize Your Place

It can’t be overstated how important it is to decorate and accessorize your house or apartment when having a Mardi Gras party. If you invite people to your place for Mardi Gras and the setting isn’t decorated at all, they will definitely look at you funny. You’ll deserve that too, so don’t be that person. Any Mardi Gras decoration you can imagine (and probably more) can be found at Johnnie Brock’s. Bring character to your walls by lining the tops of them with Mardi Gras Bunting Garland’s– the purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras colors will add flare to an otherwise blank white wall and will surely be noticed by your guests.


Now that you’ve got some personality on your walls, let’s spruce up your ceiling with a Mardi Gras Ceiling Decoration. With this neat decoration, small recognizable Mardi Gras symbols (crowns, masquerade masks, lily flowers) hang from a purple, green, and gold checkered rectangular flat base. I have a feeling this choice will be very popular among the children in attendance, but even adults will appreciate the uniqueness of a decoration that hangs from the ceiling. 


For more interactive decorations, you can select from a variety of Mardi Gras flags that range in color, size, and design. There are flags to hang on the wall, outside of your residence on a flagpole, or to wave around by hand with one of the smaller flags on a stick. Decorating your party with Mardi Gras flags is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for such a fun holiday!

To wrap things together on the decoration side of your Mardi Gras celebration, there isn't a better way to serve food and beverages than with Mardi Gras themed cupsplates, and utensils (if you’re feeling extravagant, give this Mardi Gras Light-Up Plastic Tumbler a look). Your guests will be greeted with all things Mardi Gras when they join you this holiday. The small things matter, and add up to become memorable as a whole. With that said, head on over and check out our full selection of party supplies and decorations!


Have a Costume/Outfit Contest

Add a layer of competition to your Mardi Gras celebration by hosting a costume or outfit contest! Not only is this a great activity that guests of all ages can participate in, it’s also fun, and it challenges people to tune into their creative side. Johnnie Brock’s is the ideal destination for a Mardi Gras costume for your outfit contest– there are full costumes available, or you can get innovative and create your own costume or outfit by matching individual pieces. Even if you don’t get first place in the costume contest, the Adult Bud Light Beer Bottle costume will undeniably garner laughs from friends and family, and that’s more than enough. 


For those who are striving for a unique and somewhat eccentric look, the Mardi Gras Jester Adult Costume is your best bet. Since it’s such an enchanting costume, it may even get you first place in the contest. At the very least, the jester costume will be a head-turner, without a doubt.


On the other hand– something more simplistic, yet effective for a Mardi Gras costume contest is the Deluxe Mardi Gras Cape. Paired with the Mardi Gras Plush Royal Crown, you’ll be strolling around the party like the King or Queen of Mardi Gras. If you can get the guests to treat you like royalty, then that’s an added bonus, too. You’ll certainly look the part.  


Mardi Gras Makeup


Lover’s of makeup, rejoice! I have just the idea for you this Mardi Gras. Is there a better way to show your love for a holiday other than wearing colorful makeup with the holiday’s traditional colors? I don’t think so. That’s why using gold, green, and purple makeup is a solid choice. I’m already imagining people wearing Mardi Gras themed eyeshadow and lipstick!


There’s even an opportunity to blend Halloween with Mardi Gras, if you’re up to it. Transforming yourself into a creepy jester is an excellent way to be in the Mardi Gras and Halloween spirit at once. It’s never too early to take inspiration from Halloween, especially when going to a Mardi Gras party! If you need help with creating the creepy jester look, then it’s your lucky day. We have a full video tutorial on our website, so you can know exactly what supplies you need, and you will be visually shown how to apply it.


You can browse our extensive makeup collection and get the exact colors you need for your Mardi Gras makeup today. Let your imagination run wild, and put your makeup skills to the test!


A Face Painting Station for Children 

This one is easy (as a suggestion). Children love face paint! Give the youngins a core childhood memory at your Mardi Gras party this year by having a face painting station. This may take some artistry competence, but if you or someone you know has the expertise at applying makeup, then this is a no-brainer for your Mardi Gras party. We have a remarkable collection of face paints and makeup, so the creative freedom you have is unparalleled!


Last but Not Least

Have fun! A fundamental key to hosting a great Mardi Gras party is to allow yourself to be present in the moment and embrace the company around you. Make this year’s Mardi Gras party exceed expectations with the help of all our suggestions. Get ready for people asking you to host another Mardi Gras party next year, considering how enjoyable it will be! 

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