The Best St. Patrick’s Day Outfits: How To Celebrate Like A Leprechaun

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Outfits: How To Celebrate Like A Leprechaun

760s when the first-ever St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in New York. Ever since it’s been a yearly tradition to dress up and wind down with friends and family. Johnnie Brock’s has the best choices of costumes in the game for any celebration, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different!


Wear A St. Patrick’s Day Suit

Everyone has an elegant side to them, fully embrace your enthusiasm for both St. Patrick’s Day and the finer things in life with one of our many St. Patrick’s Day suits.

\For those of you who want your party mentality on full display, the St. Patrick’s Day Icons Suit is a solid option. Sporting a vibrant green base color with icons of beer, shamrocks, pots of gold, and other classic St. Patrick’s Day symbols, this wardrobe option is as flashy as it is classy. 

On a similar theme to the icons suit, the Patrick Full Suit & Tie also has a bright green base color, but instead of multiple logos, this suit has only shamrocks all over. The shamrocks are in a darker green shade than the bright green backdrop, so this suit is entirely green– and undoubtedly cool. If green is your favorite color, then this suit should most certainly be at the top of your list this St. Patrick’s Day.

Maybe you like the color green, but it isn’t your favorite color, and you don’t want to be wearing an all-green outfit. Well, no worries, because we also have the Shamrock Formal suit, which is comparable to the Patrick Full Suit & Tie except for having a black base underneath the dark green shamrocks. 

No matter which St. Patrick’s Day suit you decide to go with, they are all fantastic and stylish options. Check out the full selection of St. Patrick’s Day costumes on our website


Be A Leprechaun!

Arguably the most recognizable symbol of St. Patrick’s Day are the iconic leprechauns. Get into full leprechaun mode with one of our awesome leprechaun costumes!

The Men’s Mr. Leprechaun costume will have people asking you where the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is, it’s that convincing (and cool). Nothing shows your passion for St. Patrick’s Day festivities quite like dressing up as the most representative character of the holiday. 

For a look that is equal parts unique and funny, the Adult Once Upon A Leprechaun costume is second to none. This costume is like an illusion to the eyes, it makes it appear like you’re riding piggyback on a leprechaun's shoulders, and the visual is hilarious. You’ll definitely get some laughs from people who see you in the costume!

Another one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s Day costume is the Adult Oversized Leprechaun Mascot Costume. Instead of looking like you’re riding on the shoulders of a leprechaun, this one actually embodies the leprechaun character with its giant leprechaun head. It’s called a mascot costume for a reason, when you’re wearing this, you’ll be the mascot of St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s Day Accessories

Tie your costume together with some of our many St. Patrick’s Day costume accessories. No outfit is complete without some added flavor that themed accessories offer. We have countless items to select, from St. Patrick’s Day mittensscarvesglassessuspenders, and more. 

The Saint Pat’s Light Up Scarf With Tassels is the perfect accessory for any outfit or costume. Not only is it special (how many scarfs do you know that light up?), but it’s simple enough to be worn with anything, whether you’ll be in full costume or not. It comes in your choice of color combinations between green and white or green and orange, but whichever you decide on, you’ll stand out and shine while the scarf lights up!

We also have a large lineup of St. Patrick’s Day hats in various styles. Pair your light-up scarf with this wonderful Saint Pat’s Light Up Shamrock Beanie! You’ll be seen from afar rocking this sweet accessory. The Oversized St. Patrick’s Day Hat is also attention-grabbing, but for different reasons. This hat doesn’t light up, but it’s big and gives off a silly lighthearted aesthetic. It’ll poke above the rest of the heads in a crowd, that’s for sure. It doesn’t end there, we have a bunch of exceptional cowboy hats as well. You can’t go wrong rocking the St. Pat’s Sequin Cowboy Hat W/ Gold Shamrocks. This one is tailor-made for all the cowboys and cowgirls out there, colliding the Wild West with St. Patrick’s Day artistry!


Take St. Patrick’s Day To The Next Level 

Shopping at Johnnie Brock’s is the premium costume and accessory buying experience. Our selection is unmatched, so you can mix and match different items and create a custom look, or purchase one of our full costumes. These items mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg for St. Patrick’s Day products we offer, so come check out our entire St. Patrick’s Day inventory and let your imagination run wild.

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