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15" Michael Myers™ Knife

15" Michael Myers™ Knife

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Michael Myers™ Knife

When it comes to weapons, Michael Myers tends to keep it simple. A simple kitchen knife, sure, but in the right (wrong?) hands, it caused all sorts of mischief! Whether you're a collector of horror memorabilia or you want the perfect final touch to your Michael Myers Halloween costume, this Michael Myers Knife from Fun World will be just right! This prop knife looks like an old, rusted kitchen knife with dried blood on it!

Halloween is not just one of the most important horror movies of all time, it's actually one of the first! Celebrate Halloween with horror's first bad guy with all sorts of Halloween costumes, accessories, weapons, and decorations at Johnnie Brock's! Michael Myers, whether he's evil, possessed, or just misunderstood, has become famous for his hulking form and silent, slow walk as he comes to attack you.


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