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Alcohol FX Palette

Alcohol FX Palette

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Alcohol FX Palette

Ben Nye Alcohol FX Palettes are the industry standard for high-quality, high durability, ultra-realistic makeup effects.Design character effects and realistic looking bruises and lesions with the Primary and Bruise palettes. Just mix with 99% alcohol to hydrate and activate the colors for easy-to-use, mix, and blend color payoff. Colors dry quick, are waterproof, non-toxic, and stay in place for all day shoots and performances! Works great on bare skin and latex, gelatin, or silicone prosthetics.

Create any color under the sun for body art and character effects with the Ben Nye Primary palette, and create realistic-looking bruises and rotting flesh effects with deep purples, greens, and blues with the Ben Nye Bruise palette.


Hydrate the colors in the palettes with 99% alcohol. Anything less than 99% will not work! Use a brush or a sponge to mix the alcohol into dried makeup to activate.

Once activated, colors can be mixed and applied with brushes and sponges and dry quickly.


Remove makeup with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a baby wipe. Make sure to apply moisturizer after as alcohol might dry out your skin!

Recommended for professional use, not recommended for beginners!


  • AAP-01 - black, red, yellow, blue, white
  • AAP-03 - dark burgundy, golden yellow, violet, olive green, midnight blue
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