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Mehron Makeup

Blood Splatter: Pump Bottle - 1.0 Oz.

Blood Splatter: Pump Bottle - 1.0 Oz.

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Blood Splatter:

Mehron Blood Splatter is a thin, pigmented formula that sprays to create easy and realistic blood splatter FX. Spray close to your work to allow for blood to run and drip like read blood, or spray further away for splatter effects! Overtime, sprayed blood will dry, darken, crust up, and crack, just like real blood. It's a one-stop shop to create all sorts of blood effects. Great for finishing off SFX makeup, sets, props, and more


Hold 6”-12” away from subject and pump the desired amount for a realistic splatter/drip effect.


Easily removes with makeup remover or soap and water.


  • May stain clothing
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
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