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Brush Cleaner - 2 oz

Brush Cleaner - 2 oz

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Brush Cleaner:

After a long day of making movie magic, there's only one thing left to do before you're ready to do it the next day: Clean your brushes! Ben Nye Brush Cleaner is eco-friendly and doesn't have any offensive smells. This cleaning solution will dissolve even the toughest oil-based makeups clinging to your bristles without drying them out or making them fall out. This cleaner will leave your brushes completely clean and sanitized and ready to use again! Available in convenient spray bottle to quickly clean rouge and powder brushes. A must-have for makeup artists will multiple clients.

TIP: Run brushes over a bumpy surface like a Brush Cleaner pad to really scrub the excess makeup out of even the toughest to reach spots on your brushes. Lay brushes down horizontally on a towel or hang upside down to avoid getting water in the base of the brush and loosening the glue.


  • Cleans aprox. 75 brushes per ounce
  • Isopropyl myristate base

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