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Character Powder (0.9oz/25g)

Character Powder (0.9oz/25g)

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Character Powder:

Give your character an immense amount of detail with Ben Nye Character Powders. Pale out your actor's face, body, and costume with the desaturated Ash Powder for a withered, ghostly look, or roughen up hands and face with Charcoal for a greased look for a character that works with their hands. Charcoal is also great for adding dimension to burns! Smudge on Plains Dust for a period piece to make it look like your character has been rolling in dirt all day or has been traveling on horseback. These powders will take your character to the next level and really sell your makeup.


Brush or smear onto makeup or clothing for long-wearing dimension. Test on fabric before use.


Removes easily with soap and water or Ben Nye Hydra-Cleanse. For clothes, should wash out with soap and water or a rinse cycle.


  • Approx. 10-20 applications per ounce
  • Resealable containers preserves quality.
  • Available in three colors (Plains Dust, Charcoal, and Ash Powder)
  • 0.9 oz Shaker

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