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Ghoulish Productions

Creepypasta: Hoodie

Creepypasta: Hoodie

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Creepypasta: Hoodie

It is thought that Hoodie was once a human man who was investigating the mystery of the Slender Man with his friends, when he started to go mad and stalk and haunt them just as the monster they were trying to learn more about. This Latex Hoodie mask from Ghoulish Productions shows the terrifying mask of the creature, a smooth black face with deep set red eyes and a red mouth in a permanent frown.

The internet has brought about a myriad of new things in this generation: faster shopping, faster and deeper information gather, and a platform where you can have a job writing descriptions for scary Halloween things online! One of the most terrifying products of the digital age is the new-age urban legends curated by Creepypasta, a website dedicated to finding urban legends that have been shared around the internet! Those creatures and stories are sometimes as popular as the classic monsters and horror villains today, and Ghoulish Productions has masks of those internet urban legends come to life! Just don't go on Creepypasta at bedtime!

Halloween is our favorite time of year at Johnnie Brock's! So if you love Halloween as much as we do, or even if you don't, we're here to help you have the best Halloween ever! Whatever costume, style, or character you're looking for, we have it, and with a wig and accessories to match!

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