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Creme Personal Kit

Creme Personal Kit

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Ben Nye Creme Personal Kits provides beginners and professionals alike with everything you need to create stage makeup looks for every cast member. Great for high school and college actors and crew who need quick, hygienic, and convenient makeup sets. The makeup in this kit is designed to withstand hot lights and perspiration and stay put for long hours. With all the basics, performers are ensured quality and hygiene with each application. Includes foundation, highlight, contour, lip and cheek color, translucent powder, pencil and makeup accessories. Eight combinations match to any skin tone.



  • 8 different shades for all skin types
  • Great for students and beginners



  • Creme foundation,
  • Creme contour palette (highlight, shadow, rouge, lip color),
  • Face Powder(1),
  • Eye pencil(1),
  • Flat brush(1),
  • Powder puff(1),
  • Sponge applicator
  • Stipple sponge



  • Light Fair (PK-1)
    • Foundation: L-2/KF-0
  • Medium Fair (PK-2)
    • Foundation: IS-18/KF-1
  • Medium Olive (PK-3)
    • Foundation: P-45/KF-3
  • Deep Olive (PK-4)
    • Foundation: P-127/KF-4
  • Light Brown (PK-45)
    • Foundation: P-125/KF-45
  • Dark Brown (PK-6)
    • Foundation: MH-18/KF-5
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