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Elope Bat Ears Plush Headband

Elope Bat Ears Plush Headband

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elope Bat Ears Plush Headband

Get ready to rock the night in this Bat Ears Headband by elope. Luxurious batty black faux leather ears sit atop an understated black velvet covered headband to complete a look that’s perfect for midnight flights of fancy. Designed to fit everybody from a vampire bat to a flying fox with exceptional comfort. This easy twilight-friendly headband makes a great addition to your whimsical wardrobe or novelty nighttime dress-up collection. Whether you're planning a full evening’s adventure, or just searching for a costume accessory that’s nuanced and nocturnal, you won't have to wait until after dark to start the party in this Bat Ears Headband by elope.

Essential costume and novelty gift accessory for:

  • Bat Costumes
  • Dragon Costumes
  • Costume Celebrations
  • Renaissance Faires
  • Dress-Up
  • Novelty Costume Collectors

You won't need echolocation to hear everyone at the party talking about this Bat Ears Headband by elope.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Polyester faux leather ears on a black velvet covered headband
  • Unisized to fit adults and kids. Ages 3+
  • Another whimsical elope Original concept designed for you with love and laughter in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Manufactured in partnership with our factory in China

© elope, Inc.

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