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Dragon Gloves

Dragon Gloves

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elope Dragon Gloves

Let your roar-some side show itself when you put on the mother-of-Dragon Costume Gloves by elope. Featuring green scale-patterned polyester to resemble dragon skin and fearsome felt claws, these gloves are perfect for soaring the skies or diligently guarding treasure. Stretchy black fabric keeps your palms concealed, while black elastic straps help you individually flex your creature claws! The fingerless style makes sure you'll be able to do human things, like texting and eating, with ease. Makes a great addition for Halloween costumes or fantasy creature-inspired cosplay. Coordinates with our other Dragon costume accessories, like the Dragon Jawesome or Dragon Horns Headband, Dragon Wings and Dragon Tail (all sold separately) for an enigmatic ensemble that won't be easy to miss.

Essential Costume and Gift Accessory for:

  • Dragons or Dinosaurs
  • Renaissance Faires
  • Fairy Tale Theater
  • Costume Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations

Give your fire-breathing friends a wave while wearing these Dragon Costume Gloves by elope.

Product Specifications:

  • Scale-patterned polyester backing with stiff felt claws, stretchy black fabric palms, and black elastic finger straps
  • Unisized to fit adults and kids. Ages 3+
  • Another whimsical elope Original concept designed for you with love and laughter in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Manufactured in partnership with our factory in China

© elope, Inc.

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