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Elope Holographic Fly Eyes Plush Headband

Elope Holographic Fly Eyes Plush Headband

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elope Holographic Fly Eyes Plush Headband

There's no creepy in this crawly. Become an indescribably iridescent insect with this Holographic Fly Eyes Plush Headband by elope. Super-soft and just as shiny, the oversized holographic lamé eyes are accented with a sparkly metallic spandex, creating a honeycomb pattern that's extra stylish. While they won't give you compound vision, the ultra-plush backing and a pair of adorably fuzzy and bendable faux fur antenna complete the look for a headband accessory that's super fly. An extra-wide stretch velvet strap expands to fit on the foreheads of most bugs and beetles for comfortable costume wear any time of year. Makes a great addition for Halloween costumes or to top off an insect-inspired ensemble.

Essential costume and novelty gift accessory for:

  • Bug Cosplay
  • Insect Costumes
  • Nature-inspired Fun
  • Super Fly Looks
  • Carnival/ Mardi Gras, Pride Celebrations
  • Any Time of Year Dress-Up

Bug out and get ready for a buzzing good time in this Holographic Fly Eyes Plush Headband by elope.

Product Specifications:

  • Super-soft vivid rainbow holographic lamé eyes with stretch metallic spandex honeycomb detailing
  • Extra-comfortable stretch velvet backing and headband.
  • Unisized! Fits most heads. Ages 3+
  • Another whimsical elope Original concept designed for you with love and laughter in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Manufactured in partnership with our factory in China

© elope, Inc.

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