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Animal Ears Headband, Nose, & Tail Kit: Pig

Animal Ears Headband, Nose, & Tail Kit: Pig

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elope Pig Ears Headband Nose & Tail Kit

Be ready for the barnyard dance in this Pig Costume Set by elope. Whether you’re a potbelly pig or a teacup oinker, you can wallow in the dirt in swine-worthy style. Featuring adorable plush ears, a comfortable plush piggy nose with an adjustable silicone elastic band, and a curly, twirly plush tail. Designed to fit both adults and kids, this Pig Costume Kit is sure to bring home the bacon for your barnyard animal costume.

Essential Costume Accessory For:

  • Pig Costumes
  • Farm Animal Costumes
  • Three Little Pigs Costumes
  • School Plays
  • Dress-Up and Make-Believe
  • Animal Costume Parties
  • Zoo Visits

This little piggy went to market wearing this Pig Headband and Tail Set by elope.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% polyester
  • Unisized to fit adults and kids. Ages 3+
  • Another whimsical elope Original concept designed for you with love and laughter in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Manufactured in partnership with our factory in China

© elope, Inc.

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