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Mouth Mover Mask: Pug

Mouth Mover Mask: Pug

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elope Pug Mouth Mover Mask

Channel the lovable personality of man’s best friend in this life-like Mouth Mover Pug Mask by elope. Become the most realistic talking dog at the party – the moving jaw follows your jawline and moves with you when you speak. Mask fits securely on your head and is held in place with a flexible black head strap, for a comfortable all day wear. Made of vacuformed plastic covered with 100% polyester, with life-like black and tan fur, and brown plastic eyes. Subtle black mesh covers the eye openings, allowing you to see out easily without your fellow party goers seeing you.

Essential Costume and Gift Accessory for:

  • Dog Costumes
  • Pug Costumes
  • Animal Costumes
  • Pug Lovers
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