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Skunk Ears Headband & Tail Kit

Skunk Ears Headband & Tail Kit

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elope Skunk Ears Headband & Tail Kit

The only thing about your skunk costume that stinks is that it’s still missing this Skunk Costume Kit by elope. Soft, not-at-all smelly faux fur ears with an adorable white-fur tuft sit atop a comfortable covered headband. The bushy black and white faux fur tail features an iconic skunky stripe and fluffy white underside with an easy-to-wear Velcro belt loop attachment. This allows you to pair this accessory set with your other outfit items to complete your wild woodland costume. Designed to fit forest friends and cute critter cosplayers of all sizes, this costume kit makes a great addition to your whimsical wardrobe or novelty dress-up collection. Get ready to party in the pine trees once you get your paws on this Skunk Headband & Tail Set by elope.

Essential Costume and Gift Accessory for:

  • Skunk and Woodland Creature Costumes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Animal Dress-up or Everyday Accessorizing
  • Halloween Parties
  • Costume Celebrations

Join the furry costume fun with this super-cute Skunk Cosplay Set by elope.

Product Specifications:

  • Kit includes: Black faux fur ears with white-fur tuft on a covered headband, plush black and white faux fur tail with Velcro belt loop.
  • Unisized to fit adults and kids. Ages 3+
  • Another whimsical elope Original concept designed for you with love and laughter in Colorado Springs, USA
  • Manufactured in partnership with our factory in China

© elope, Inc.

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