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Evil Clown Mouthpiece w/Elastic

Evil Clown Mouthpiece w/Elastic

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Evil Clown Mouthpiece with Elastic

Clowns aren't always there to make you laugh, sometimes they're set out to terrify and shock you! Get into the spooky spirit of Halloween with this Evil Clown Mouthpiece from Forum Novelties! This terrifying mask covers the bottom half of your face and looks like a terrifying clown's evil grin. Perfect for a scary clown costume for Halloween! The mouthpiece stays attached with elastic!

We as a society have a complicated relationship with clowns. Let's try and settle that this Halloween by becoming the funny, wacky jokesters themselves! Johnnie Brock's has got it all, from the red noses to the colorful outfits, the big shoes and the squirting flowers! Get everything from bright and colorful wigs to accessories like oversized ties, glasses, and shoes! We even have makeup for you to create your own perfect clown makeup to complete the look! The limits are as endless as the capacity on your clown car!

One Size Fits All

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