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F/X Color Wheel

F/X Color Wheel

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Ben Nye F/X Wheels are a makeup artist's best friend for all FX needs. Choose from ten different color palettes designed to create the effect you have in mind, from realistic-looking bruises to burns to scars to old age makeup and beyond. Each of these F/X wheels are have four soft, alcohol-activated shades give you professional grade makeup that's beginner friendly and easy to use.


Achieve a thin "stain" by blending color with several drops of alcohol on a brush. For best results, take a small dollop of color out of the pan and mix separately. Set with a neutral setting powder and spray with Final Seal for long-lasting durability.


  • .5oz./14gm.
  • Four different FX shades per wheel
  • Expect 50-300 designs per wheel
  • Cruelty-free
  • Alcohol activated


  • (CK1) Bruises Wheel: (FX-5) Dark Burgundy, (FX-7) Midnite Violet, (FX-11) Sallow Green, (CL-18) Purple
  • (CK3) Cuts & Bruises Wheel: (FX-10) Sapphire Blue, (CL-14) Blood Red, (CL-5) Yellow, (CL-2) Forest Green
  • (CK4) Bruise & Abrasions Wheel: (CL-6) Goldenrod, (CL-15) Maroon, (CL-17) Misty Violet, (CL-131) Fresh Cut
  • (CK5) Burns & Blisters Wheel: (FX-1) Medium Plum, (FX-4) Charcoal Blue, (FX-3) Burnt Coral, CL-13) Fire Red
  • (CK7) Age Stipple Wheel: (FX-13) Capillary Stipple, (FX-15) Liver Spot, (FX-17) Freckle Stipple, (FX-19) Age Spot
  • (CK8) Age Effects Wheel: (FX-91) Vein, (FX-13) Capillary Stipple, (FX-15) Liver Spot, (FX-9) Grey Purple
  • (CK9) Severe Exposure: (FX-13) Capillary Stipple, (CL-10) Dark Sunburn, (CL-13) Fire Red, (CR-2) Dusty Rose
  • (CK11) Old Character Wheel: (CH-0) Ultralite, (CL-17) Misty Violet, (FX-13) Capillary Stipple, (CS-3) Character Shadow
  • (CK13) Old Character II Wheel: (SC-3) Special Dark Highlights Light Brown, (CS-6) Midnite Brown, (CL-15) Maroon, (CL-17) Misty Violet
  • (CK15) Camouflage Wheel: (CL-31) Army Green, (CL-61) Desert Tan, (CL-11) Cinnamon, (CL-28) Coal
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