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Fantasy Wheel (1oz/28gm) - Fireworks (FW)

Fantasy Wheel (1oz/28gm) - Fireworks (FW)

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Beloved by veteran pro artists for on and off stage, add a lustrous glow to your makeup with these easy-to-use, cream shades. Fireworks Wheel contains Bronze, Copper, Gold Dust, Diamond Ice, Silver Satin, and Ruby Lust, perfect for adding a metallic shine to the high points of your face or the center of the lips for extra dimension. Perfect for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Shades are transparent but provide a lustrous shimmer with a velvety consistency when blended. Pairs well with Ben Nye Lumiere Cremes. Layer with Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colours for extra dimension or with Ben Nye Luxe Powders to set for durability.


  • Six lustrous, metallic shades
  • Velvety finish
  • Transparent but blend out into bright shimmer highlights


  • 1oz./28gm.
  • Six metallic shades
  • Aprox. 50-500 applications.
  • Safe to use for eyes, face, lips, and body


Gold Dust(FW-1), Silver Satin(FW-3), Bronze(FW-11), Diamond Ice (LCR-1), Copper(FW-9), Ruby Luster(FW-7)

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