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Glitter & Flakes

Glitter & Flakes

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Glitter & Flakes

Create a beautiful, metallic or glittery effect for your next makeup transformation with these Glitter & Flakes from Fun World! Add glue to whatever part of your face you want, then brush or press glitter on with a sponge, or press on the gorgeous metallic flakes! Great for Halloween and FX body painting! Comes in Gold or Silver!

Let’s turn this haunted house into a haunted home. Give your entire house and yard a spooky makeover with all sorts of fun decorations from Johnnie Brock’s! Whether you’re planning your very own haunted house or you want your house to be the most fun to trick-or-treat at, we’ve got everything you need to give your house its very own costume.


  • Adhesive Glue
  • Glitter
  • Flakes


  • Colors Included: Gold, Silver
  • Net WT Glitter .1 OZ
  • Net WT. Flakes .05 OZ
  • Net WT Glue 0.11 OZ
  • Fun & Easy to use!

Essential accessory for:

  • Face or Body Glitter
  • Angel or Fairy Costume Makeup
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