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Heavy Duty Suspenders: Red

Heavy Duty Suspenders: Red

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Heavy Duty Suspenders

Santa Claus has a signature look, of course. With his red and white suit, matching hat, and white beard, everyone will know Santa as soon as they look at him! But it's not just about the clothes, it's how you wear them! They say clothes make the man, but not this man! Sometimes, Santa likes to get a little more casual and take off his jacket, and you'll usually find him wearing red suspenders underneath! These Heavy Duty Red Suspenders are perfect to complete any Santa outfit and his belly like a bowl full of jelly, whether it's real or stuffed! These festive, fun suspenders are sure to keep all your costume pieces where they're supposed to be!

Johnnie Brock's is one of Santa Claus's favorite spots to shop, whether it's to look for a Halloween costume that's sure to dazzle all of the elves at their annual Halloween party or dressing him in the finest suits you've ever seen in preparation for the big night on Christmas Eve! We carry an extensive catalogue of Santa Suits, boots, hats, beards and wigs, and accessories like Carol Bells and Present Bags that will give the big man everything he needs for his signature look! We even have choices for Mrs. Claus and the elves, too! Stop by Johnnie Brock's for everything you need to get into the spirit this holiday season!


  • 2" wide, bright red, fully adjustable suspenders for professional Santa actors


  • Red


1315 - One Size Fits Most

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