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Long Executioner Axe

Long Executioner Axe

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Long Axe

Sometimes a royal needs to get their hands dirty, or a Knight in Shining Armor needs to save the princess by any means necessary. For those moments, check out this great prop weapon from Forum Novelties! The Long Axe is a long, double-sided axe, perfect for chopping down your enemies. The perfect finishing touch for any Halloween or Renaissance Faire Costume.

There's a reason we all dreamed of being a King or Queen someday! Check out all of these awesome Royal costumes from Forum Novelties! Whether you're looking to be a King, Queen, a Princess, or a Knight in Shining Armor, Johnnie Brock's has everything you need to get into the spirit just in time for Halloween! Check out other wigs, accessories, costume pieces, and weapons to truly transform and travel back in time to the medieval days of royalty!

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