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Mehron AdMed Silicone Adhesive - 5 oz

Mehron AdMed Silicone Adhesive - 5 oz

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AdMed Silicone Adhesive:

Mehron’s AdMed Liquid Adhesive is professional-grade adhesive that is a must-have for makeup artists working with prosthetics, bald caps, and other appliances! AdMed Liquid Adhesive is a clear, synthetic adhesive that stands up to the toughest performance conditions, even sweat and lots of movement. AdMed Liquid Adhesive is perspiration- and moisture-resistant and adheres through the most active performances. This liquid theatrical adhesive is strong and durable yet removes easily with Mehron’s AdMed Adhesive Remover. Great for theatrical performances, long days of shooting, body painting, and cosplay!


Apply it to the prosthetic in a thin layer. A little goes a long way! Quickly apply the appliance to the skin while adhesive is still wet. Hold to the face and allow it to set. Note: A little goes a long way, too much liquid will cause the adhesive to run & smear.


After gently removing your appliances, soak a cotton pad or tissue with Mehron AdMed Adhesive Remover and work it into the adhesive until it starts to break down and dissolve away. Finish by washing your face with soap and water.


  • Cruelty-free
  • 0.5 oz (15mL) bottle
  • Water-based
  • Professional-grade
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