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Mehron Makeup

Mehron Brush Cleaner - 4.5 oz

Mehron Brush Cleaner - 4.5 oz

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Brush Cleaner:

Mehron Brush Cleaner blend of grease cutting solvents that clean and sanitize natural and synthetic brushes. If the idea of sitting at a sink washing your brushes and waiting hours for them to dry is too daunting for you, then this is the Brush Cleaner for you. This solution will take even the toughest stains and colors out of your brushes - no water required! No rinsing means no drying time; the brushes will be clean and ready to use again in just a few minutes!

Mehron Brush Cleaner cleans and sanitizes brushes all in one, perfect for makeup artists with lots of clients!


Pour directly onto cotton pad and wipe brush head in a gentle and swift motion from ferrule to end of brush hair. For deep cleaning, soak brushes in Brush Cleaner for 5 minutes, squeeze and lay flat to dry on edge of table.

TIP: To extend life of brush hairs and hygiene purposes, clean brushes after every use.


  • Works with synthetic and real brushes
  • Rinse-free
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
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