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Mehron Makeup

Metallic Powder with Mixing Liquid

Metallic Powder with Mixing Liquid

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Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid:

Mehron's Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid gives you the same water-resistant, high-impact possibilities of Mehron's Mixing Liquid with their ultra-fine, crazy-pigmented Metallic Powder. On its own, the Metallic Powder can add a dramatic dusting of shimmer to any look, but combined with the Mixing Liquid, can create a stunning liquid metal paint that can be used for even the finest details This ultra-fine Metallic Powder Makeup is evenly blended and can add dynamic makeup designs, effects, and accents.

Available in Gold, Silver, or Copper.


Pour a small amount on a clean dry surface, apply with brush, sponge or finger. Combine with the included Mixing Liquid to form a water-resistant, vibrant liquid metal that dries down completely. Dip brush and apply for desired effect.


Removes easily makeup remover or soap and water.


  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Powder comes in 0.17 oz (5g) bottle
  • Mixing Liquid comes in 1 fl oz (30mL) bottle
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