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Paradise Makeup AQ™ - Brushes

Paradise Makeup AQ™ - Brushes

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Paradise Makeup AQ™ Brushes:

Mehron’s Paradise Prisma Brush line is unsurpassed in quality and is used by professional makeup artists all over the world. The custom length acrylic handles, luxurious bristles and durable ferrules allow for ease of handling while face and body painting. The dense and flexible synthetic brush bristles adapt to the creamy consistency of the Paradise Makeup AQ™ offering extreme control during the application. These brushes will deposit color in opaque, clean lines whether it's for full body coverage or thin, precise detail work.

It's easy and effortless to clean your brushes with Mehron Brush Cleaner!

Available in:

  • Super Fine Point (810)
  • Liner Brush: Round (811)
  • 1/8 Flat Versatile (812)
  • Fine Round (813)
  • Medium Round (814)
  • Bold Round (815)
  • Wide Chisel (816)
  • Petal Tip (818)
  • Smoothie Blender (820)
  • Mini Body (825)
  • Body Chisel (830)


  • Sturdy, long-lasting design
  • Synthetic bristles
  • Professional grade
  • Easy to wash, stain-resistant bristles
  • Easy to grip, acrylic handles
  • Cruelty-free

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