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Paradise Paint Palette

Paradise Paint Palette

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Paradise AQ™ Paint Palette:

Mehron's world-renowned Paradise AQ™ Makeup is now in four convenient, 8-color paint palettes, perfect for any makeup artist on the go! The same premium quality, water-based paint formula in a blendable, mixable array right in the palm of your hands. Formulated to be semi-soft for perfect mixability, these paints are richly pigmented and will transform your blank canvas into a stunning, head-to-toe work of art. Perfect for body paints, theatrical makeup, fashion, stage, screen, and cosplay!

Available in Basic for any traditional color needs, but also available in Pastel for lighter shades, Tropical for a more neon flair, and Nuance for more muted tones.

Also available in a Brilliant Metallic Palette for shimmery, high-shine finishes.


Activate paints with a small amount of water or a mixing medium for even greater pigment and staying power. We recommend experimenting with the colors beforehand so you can figure out how to get your desired shade.

Moisten the sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Set with translucent powder or spray with Mehron Barrier Spray to keep your creation smudge-proof and water-resistant.


Removes easily with a makeup remover or by lathering with soap and rinsing with water.


  • 8 individual .9 oz (25 g) pans
  • Available in 4 color palettes
  • Water-based
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
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