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ProColoRing - Tattoo Cover

ProColoRing - Tattoo Cover

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ProColoRing Tattoo Cover:

Mehron Tattoo Cover is a creamy, full-coverage formula designed to effortlessly cover up tattoos, birthmarks, and other skin discolorations. Tattoo Cover will blend seamlessly over your body to completely erase tattoos for events like fashion shows, weddings, stage or screen performances, cosplay, or photo shoots! Creamy and soft enough for every day use but full-coverage enough that it won't go anywhere throughout the day and won't give up coverage as the hours pass.

The ProColoRing Tattoo Cover gives five colors in one so you can mix to find the perfect shade to your skin tone, or to add to your makeup kit for clients of all skin tones.


Choose the Tattoo Cover shade closest to skin tone and apply with a sponge using a patting, not a stroking motion.

TIP: Once Tattoo Cover is set, apply cream makeup over Tattoo Cover (again with a patting motion). Press translucent powder using a Powder Puff into final makeup design to set for long-wear and no smudging. Spray Mehron Barrier Spray over area to seal and protect final makeup application.


Removes easily with makeup remover or soap and water.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains five colors
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