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Santa's Toy Bag - Red Velvet

Santa's Toy Bag - Red Velvet

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Red Velvet Santa's Toy Bag

Even with the help of his elves, reindeer, and Mrs. Claus, Santa still has a lot of presents to deliver with just one sleigh in just one night. To make it easier to keep things organized, Santa always has his trusty red bag with him to carry all sorts of presents and gifts on Christmas Eve! Whether you're going to a Christmas party, the mall, collecting donations, or just want a fun way to carry your presents, try this awesome Red Velvet Santa's Toy Bag! This gorgeous red velvet bag is perfect for carrying toys and presents in and will stay sturdy no matter what! The perfect finishing touch to Santa suits and functional, too!

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  • High quality, Red Velvet Santa Claus toy bag for professional Santa actors
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